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irc chat

DarkLinux have own irc network  DarkIRC 

> channel list and server stats

the DarkIRC irc network is available at irc.darkirc.eu:6667 (with ssl) port: 6697

DarkIRC is meant to be a space for all tilde members to hang out, share, teach, and learn.
Hang out in #DarkShell the tilde general channel. =)

note you must register with nickserv to talk in #meta:
/msg nickserv register <password> <email>

# here are some options to connect

# znc (irc bouncer)

the system znc authenticates using your email credantials (user: username | password: your email pw).

the znc interface is available at core.freeznc.uk.
client connections are on port 6667 and 9999 (both with ssl).

you can add network connections (up to 10) via webadmin or via a direct client connection.
see the znc wiki for more information.

# weechat relays

weechat introduced unix socket relays in version 2.5 which is a much easier way to
offer per-user relay access.
zeus.darkshell.eu/weechat is configured to proxy to the default unix relay
socket location (~/.weechat/relay_socket). to get started using it, follow these steps:

  1. in weechat:
    • /relay add unix.weechat %h/relay_socket
    • /set relay.network.password mysupersecretpassword
  2. at your shell:
    • chmod o+rw ~/.weechat/relay_socket - this allows nginx to connect to your socket on your behalf
  3. in your relay client:
    • weechat-android:
      • connection type: websocket (ssl)
      • websocket path: weechat
      • relay host: zeus.darkshell.eu
      • relay port: 443
      • your relay supersecretpassword